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The Tomb of Zaiden the Blind

Zaiden the Blind is known to most as a Holy Master who lived long, long ago. He was born blind, and had pursued Holy Magic in order to try to heal his eyes. He even became a Theurgist (Holy Blood Mage) in an attempt to see, but nothing worked; for reasons he never understood, his eyes would not respond to the power of the Gods. Still, he wandered Vorpal Lhura, doing works of great good for all those he came across. This is what most people know of him.

Certain people who study the history of magic and magic-users know the rest of the story (for all of that was true, up to a point): that eventually Zaiden turned his back on the Gods. He threw himself into the study of Unholy Magic and though he eventually Mastered that as well, still his eyes would not open. He succumbed to rage and despair and turned his dark arts against unfortunates (orphans, the poor, criminals, whores - those who would not be missed or much-mourned), crafting unspeakable torments to vent his anger.

No one knows how he died, or even where, but legends speak of the Tomb of Zaiden the Blind as filled with wonders: magical treasures, spellbooks of lost arts, and a veritable treasure trove of money, jewels, and valuables pressed upon the Good Priest by a grateful populace (or stolen by the Evil Priest from his victims, depending on how much of the story you know).

The one who uncovers and fully explores the Tomb of Zaiden would be guaranteed fortune, fame, and glory; if he or she were a magic-user, their powers would certainly increase ten- no, a hundred-, no, A THOUSAND-FOLD (according to the legends)! Think of what mysteries lay buried beneath the earth for those lucky -or unlucky- enough to find them...

This adventure (which I KNOW was a long time in coming!) should have at least 3-4 people; as this is my first time GMing and it is VL's first run out the gate, I have created the following characters for you to choose from.

Note: The stats, advantages & disadvantages, skills, etc. may not be changed (except through roleplay (i.e., leveling, character development, etc.)), but I have provided only a bare personality concept for each character which the player may flesh out to his or her desire, so long as it doesn't actively conflict with the character sheet (i.e., if your character is listed as an alcoholic, unless you roleplay him/her overcoming their Addiction (and buy off the Disadvantage appropriately after significant roleplay), you cannot spontaneously decide they're NOT an alcoholic.)

Once you've decided, comment here with the name of the character you've chosen. If you want, you may include some fleshing out of the character in your post, describing background and personality more. This is not required though. Mostly I just need to know who has chosen whom. And yes, if Person A chooses Character B, then Person C must choose a different Character.

That being said, there are at least 2 of every typical "party role" in here: healers, fighters, etc. It's fine to choose the same type as someone else, just not the exact same character. And don't fret over "Well, SOMEONE has to choose a healer, so I GUESS I WILL DO IT *sigh*" - yes, a healer would be good for this adventure, but I want you to choose characters that are interesting to you. If no one chooses a healer, I will assign an NPC healer to go with the group because I'm not THAT mean.


Edit: Well, Quel chose a character capable of healing magics, so no worries on THAT score! If you still want to choose a healing character, please do so, though :D There's just no longer a worry about healing.

Note the 2nd: THOSE PLAYING MAGIC-USERS, ESPECIALLY ELEMENTALISTS - Please let me know via e-mail or IM if you think up a spell/ability you think your character should have. Elemental is woefully understocked for spells at the moment because my brain just sort of goes "GUH" and dies every time I try to think up this stuff (it's been one of the major stumbling blocks to VL getting done), and probably there's stuff Holy/Unholy is lacking as well.

FOR THAT MATTER, IF ANYONE CAN COME UP WITH SKILLS/FORTES/ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES THAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE IN THE GAME, LET ME KNOW. I can't guarantee I'll put them in, but odds are good, especially if it's something I've genuinely overlooked.

I'm hoping for continued, sustained feedback throughout this process, as well as an overview at the end on gameplay/setup/character creation (I know you guys aren't creating them, but did it seem like some charas were over/underpowered compared to others? that sort of thing), etc. Also feedback on my personal GMing skills, but considering this is my first time out, I'm thinking that's a given that I'll need to improve a lot. I'm most interested in the Game aspects, but it doesn't mean I won't take feedback/critique on my GMing, too!

Characters (the name links are to Word 97-2003 doc files; if they come through too buggy/messed up on formatting, let me know and I will send you a simple *.txt version instead):

Other links you might find useful:
Main Site
Blood Mages (AKA Shamans, Theurgists, and Warlocks)
How to Play
Combat Rules - this only goes over physical combat, not magical, so things may get a little sticky when we first try out magic.

This is very, VERY much an Alpha test of things, and I expect there to be some hiccups. There will not be a set "Posting Schedule": everyone will have a chance to respond, and I will probably ask after you if it's been a week and you haven't posted, but we understand real life comes first. (Also with my back-and-forths to Houston & Walt Disney World coming up, I might be a little slow to get stuff up, but I will do my damnedest! Though I am not currently planning on taking my laptop with me to Disney World.)

You have a week to decide and claim your character via comment if you wish to play! First post of the first actual adventure of Vorpal Lhura will go up Next Sunday and thereafter it should progress at the pace our lives will allow.

Feel free to comment/IM/email me with questions as well - I know some things say they're linked and they're not (*coughFortescough*), and some other things have old/confusing information. I try to clear this stuff up when I find it, but I don't always catch it. Or it made sense in MY headspace and doesn't make sense to anyone else's. MAYBE BOTH. So feel free to pepper me with questions through this whole process. That's the point, actually. ^_^
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